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 What Is PCOS? Full form of PCOS is Polycystic ovarian Syndrome Poly means Many & Cyst means Sac which is full of fluid PCOD means Many fluid filled sac in the ovaries caused by Excessive testesteron and insulin level in body which leads to fertility issues.  Causes of PCOS Ovaries are part of Female reproductive system. Each ovaries contains 700 to 800 immature eggs which are stores in small fluid structure called as follicles. Every month pitutory gland release hormones i.e. Follicular stimulating hormone and leutinizing hormone into your blood stream, when these hormones reach to ovaries the immature eggs starts to mature. As soon as the eggs mature follicles secrete oestrogen causing most mature follicle to release its egg. This egg travel through fallopian tubes where he waits for fertilization and eventually other immature eggs get dissolve. This is the normal process of ovulation. If you have PCOS, pituitary gland abnormally secrete excessive amount of LH into blood, because of that your eggs do not mature and ovulation does not occur which leads to infertility and some of the immature follicles do not resolved and remain as fluid filled sac called as CYST.  Weight loss and PCOS  Most of the women have natural menstrual cycles after reducing there weight because Weight loss occurs remarkable changes in ovaries.  After reducing weight womens can conceive naturally  Thin women with PCOS have high insulin levels than those without PCOS  Miscarriage and PCOS  More LH level in body is the characteristic of PCOS and Miscarriage is more common when there is more LH level in the blood  Blood glucose level And PCOS  Insulin stimulate the ovaries to produsce more testesteron which causes Weight gain around the west, Acne, Hair growth on Face, Chest  Insulin causes to produce less sex hormones  What are the Early Symptoms of PCOS ?  Hirsutism :-Hair growth on Face, Chest, Back, Stomach even toes and thumb, Coarse hair at awkward places. Consequently this is accompanied by hair loss from scalp.  Irregular Menses :- Heavy or scanty bledding, Need to take hormonal tablets to induce a period, Absent menses etc  Acne:- Too many acne on skin, excessive oily skin, discoloration of skin, Skin tags  Mood Swings :- Women either gets too angry or feel too happy  Wt Gain :- Excessive production of insulin level in body can bring change in your upper part of body, you feel bulky  Infertility :- Inability to conceive or Miscarriages  DM :- High Blood sugar levels in blood • How we diagnosed PCOS?  Infrequent or no Menses  Physical Signs – Male hair growth pattern, Acne, Oily skin, Skin Pigmentation  Blood Test – High Levels of Male hormones in Blood, High Insulin level  Ultrasonography – Polycystic ovaries are seen on an ultrasound scan • Which Tests has to be done in PCOS?  LH  FSH  Oestrogen  BSL TREATMENT And PCOS • Metformin And PCOS  Metformin Causes Gastric Disturbances – Vomiting, Nausea, Loose motions, Acidity, Constipation  Metformin can cause Vitamin B12 Deficiency  Metformin causes Anemia  Metformin increase Lactic acid in blood which causes Kidney disfunction • Hormonal Pills And PCOS  After taking hormonal pills you can see changes in your breast  Hormonal pills cause Mood swings  Hormonal pills leads to weight gain  It can cause Migrain, Nausea HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT FOR PCOS APIS MELLIFICA –  Amenorrhoea or menorrhagia.  Inflammation, swelling of the ovaries (right).  Weight and pain in either ovarian region,predominantly right side.  The ovaries feel better by lying on right side  Enlargement of the right ovary with pain.  Sharp, cutting, stinging pain in the swollen (right) ovary; worse during menstruation.  Ovarian tumours, with stinging pains like bee-stings. BOVISTA –  Menses premature and too copious.  Menses flow only in the night.  Menses too early and two profuse, or too late, too scanty, too short; flowing only at night. COLOCYNTHIS –  Cramp-like pain in left ovary; in uterus; as if parts were squeezed in a vice.  Ovarian cyst, paroxysm of acute pain in abdomen, sacrum, and hip  Metrorrhagia, Suppressed Menses, with cramping pains  Stitches in the ovaries. IODUM -  Menses at one time too late, at another too early.  Menses premature, violent and copious.  Metrorrhagia  Atrophy of ovaries and breasts, with sterility LACHESIS MUTUS  Menstruation suppressed.  Menstruation too scanty (blood black).  Miscarriage. ONCORYNCHUS TSAWYTSCHA -  Sterility PALLADIUM -  Swelling and induration of right ovary, with soreness and a shooting pain from navel to pelvis; with a heaviness and weight in pelvis  Menses appeared later  Right ovary swollen, sore to pressure, with bearing-down pains. PHOSPHORUS  Menses too early and too profuse (and of too long duration), or too early and too scanty and serous.  Menses of too long duration  Frequent and profuse metrorrhagia.  Complications in PCOS Regular checkups are important for any PCOS complications, such as  High Blood Pressure  High Cholesterol  Uterine cancer  Heart disease  Diabetes  Diet For PCOS  Have less sugar in your diet  Low carb which helps to reduce youe weight  Good intake of fruits  Cut out alcohol  Avoid Tea – Tea contain Caffeine leads to high amount of Cortisol  Avoid wheat – because it contains glutain which increase glucose level  Milk 1. Center’s  PUna, Mumbai, Nashik 2. Questions :- What causes hair under the chin of a woman? Can taking the pill help with PCOS? Is it s*afe to take hormonal pills for PCOS?
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