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Dr Raina Asher Shaikh

Dr Raina Asher Shaikh born on 26 October 1973, Mumbai, India, is a Classical homoeopathic Practitioner, Thinker, Researcher, Teacher of Homoeopathy System of Medicine. She lives and practices in Nashik, India. She graduated from the Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai in June 1996.

She is Empathetic & Reputed to be a clear thinker and is best known for her path breaking Cures in difficult & deep seated pathological cases through Homoeopathy. Her understanding of  disease is to Treat Man in Disease & not Disease in Man,

Dr Raina Shaikh also heads ‘Dr Asher Homoepathic Clinic, in Nashik. This is a complete Institutional Clinic primarily focuses on So called Incurable cases & gives advanced clinical training to students.



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