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Benefits Of Homoeopathy


                      There are many systems of medicine in world, Homeopathy is one of them. Homeopathy is an 18th century Science which was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, it is based on Dynamic Law and Principles. Homeopathy can treat dynamic diseases very well. Dynamic diseases are those diseases which are present at dynamic plane. Dynamic plane means we believe our body is governed by some energy or spiritual Power that we called it as Vital force. If there is derangement in that energy due to physical or mental factor or any conflicts of our life, then we are suffering from disease condition. If there is derangement in our body at dynamic level by external or internal stimuli, then after first reflection seeing on Skin; that means on Less important organ, if it will be suppressed by external applications and then afterwards it travels to deeper level towards More important organ and this relation will be only well understand by a True Homeopath.  The aim and objective of this Science is to Treat a Person within; To Cure a Person as whole, not a Specific disease.   

                         Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural resources like plants, animals, minerals, etc. with higher dilutions by method of Potentisation, that’s why they contain very minute amount of drug substance and having higher curative power. So, they are non-toxic and safe. Unlike other modern medicines, they are not hampering our digestion, not depresses our immune system and not causes any toxic effect on other organs or system, rather than that they improve our digestion, sleep cycles and causes positive effect on our mind. 

                        Homeopathy is Effective and Fast acting Medicine, because it stimulates nerve endings. So that, we are not able to see its action on body but we can analyze the effect of medicine on our body.               

                         Homeopathic medicines have potential that, they can stimulate the DNA coding in somatic cells. With the help of this medicinal treatment, we can avoid to transfer genetic diseases in next generation. Its action is in so deep level that can cure diseases from root. It does not treat disease superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient within. It stimulates the body’s own natural healing power to bring health, vitality and wellbeing.  

Additional Benefits Of Homeopathy

  • Avoid surgery

Chalazion, tonsillitis, venereal or general warts, corns, ganglion, fistula-in-ano, internal or external piles, renal calculi etc. are some of the conditions treated successfully with Homeopathy, conditions commonly operated on.

  • No side effects, no contraindications

Decades of clinical use and trials of the preparations have concluded that Homeopathic medicines are safe with other modes of treatment, effective, non-toxic, and free of any side effects.

  • Curative & palliative

Homeopathy not only cures cases but also offers relief to conditions progressed to irreversible structural changes such as degenerative arthritis, side effects of chemo or radiotherapy etc.

  • Pain Relief without side effects

Clinically, homeopathic medicines successfully relieve colic, spasms, general or trigeminal neuralgia, migraine headaches, toothache, chronic lumbago, sciatica, pain due to trauma etc.

  • Anti-allergic, anti-viral, anti-septic

Unlike allopathic medicines, homeopathy offers non-drowsy allergy treatment for hay fever, complete cure for viral warts, faster relief for viral cold sores and herpes and anti-bacterial therapy for infectious conditions. These have been verified at our clinics over the past 25 years and by clinicians worldwide. For Benefits to Children, please click here.

Homeopathy - Parent's First Choice

Practically 50-60% of the cases that undergo treatment are children. Majority of the children we treat are intolerant to the side effects encountered with conventional (allopathic) medicine or have developed a resistance to the commonly prescribed antibiotics. Also, children undergoing Homeopathic treatment from an early age, respond better to Homeopathic medicines in their adult life as compared to those initiating treatment at a later stage in life – an observation by our panel of physicians.

  • No side-effects, no contraindications.

Decades of clinical use and trials of the preparations have concluded Homeopathic medicines to be safe for all ages and other modes of treatment, effective, non-toxic, and free of any side effects.

  • Tonsillitis - cure without surgery

Innumerable cases of acute or chronic tonsillitis have been cured in our centres. Either allergic or septic in presentation; homeopathy treats the child without any side effects and prevents further recurrences.

  • Improves resistance & immunity

Homeopathy acts favorably in boosting a child’s immune system and resistance, evident by making them less prone to recurrent infections and allergies as witnessed in our practice.

  • Highly effective

Children as compared to adults are not as exposed to environmental factors that commonly lower a person’s response to Homeopathy. Children therefore respond quicker to Homeopathic medicines and recover much faster in cases of asthma, allergies, skin disorders etc.

  • Liked by children

Homeopathic medicines are dispensed in the form of medicated, sweet sugar pellets and will often delight your child. You will be surprised that your child will be more than willing to take the medicines, a relief for most parents.














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