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Approach Towards Disease...

                     Dr Asher Shaikh, the owner of the asher clinic is a very well known name in the world of most noble art of healing “HOMEOPATHY’’. He has been practicing since last 15 years,with his vast experience,he has been known in treating many incurable cases as well as promoting the role of homeopathy in curing the patient  with its holistic approach.

What is Homeopathy?
                          Homeopathy is a holistic system  of healing based on the Law of “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR” which means like cures like. It was discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann about 250 years ago,it has helped people all over the globe, to live in positive health,it stimulates body’s inner healing ie the immune system to fight disease and bring natural cure.

Working Strategy at Asher clinic -
              Totality of symptom -
                        Cure of the disease does not depend on the disease part of the body, but upon the individual with the disease.Totality is not the sum total of symptoms, but it is logical combination of the symptoms, which characterize the person as well as individualize the problem.Thus we consider all the signs and  symptoms presented by the patient from the former healthy state to the now diseased conditions before we select the remedy. 

Cause – Effect- Disease-
                       When we have some mental cause we get disturbed emotionally,if somehow this cause it not resolved it may get suppress,and our body may  express it in the form of disease, we by finding this root cause of the disease try to cure the patient.

German New Medicine-   
It is comprehension of the biological programs running inside the body, which have formerly been called "diseases", based on biological laws of nature,We use this significant new approach of health to understand,the cause of disease and heal the patient with homeopathy. 
              “WE TREAT  MAN IN THE DISEASE,
                     NOT DISEASE IN THE MAN”. 


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