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Homeopathy Remedies Types

Homeopathy Remedies Types - 

A Homeopath generally prescribes following categories of medicines :

  • Homeopathic Dilutions

These are medicines potentised in alcohol and dispensed in cane sugar pills or pellets. There are over 3000 remedies in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. A Homeopath generally advises a patient to take 4-6 pills at varied intervals of time.

  • Mother Tinctures

These are actual plant extracts known to cure or palliate ailments in material doses. Alcohol, water and glycerin are commonly used for the process of extraction. For e.g. to make 1 litre of mother tincture, only 100gms of the crude medicinal substance is used, and the rest being alcohol, water or glycerine.

  • Mother Solutions

Chemical substances are dissolved in alcohol, water or glycerine and dispensed in a very dilute form. The ratio of the medicinal substance to the vehicle is usually 1/10. These solutions are absolutely safe, non-toxic and highly effective in treating various conditions.

  • Triturations

These are powdered medicinal substances mixed with lactose and triturated using a mortar and pestle for hours. The ratio of the medicine to lactose is 1/10. They are dispensed either as powders or tablets.



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