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Integration Of Conventional Measures With Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy has been the main stream science associated with all major diseases. What happened over the time that the toil of Hahnemann and his followers have been taken a toll? Have the principles of Homoeopathy ceased to be of consequence anymore? Is the truth of similar still alive?

To all these questions, Dr. Hahnemann in his article “ NOT A BENE FOR MY VIEWERS” emphasizes, “This doctrine (The Law of Similars)  appeals solely to the verdict of experience- “repeat the experiments carefully and accurately, and you will find the doctrine confirmed at every step”

Dr. Kent in his lectures says, “Homoeopathy is capable of demonstrating itself in all intelligent hands”

Thus, Homoeopathy is the mainstream stream for cure along with the other conventional treatments methods which also helps the patient to get out of the grudges of the diseases.

Some of the conventional treatments are:

  1. Homoeopathy and physiotherapy, with special reference to     osteoarthropathy- British Homeopathic Journal-


The results confirm that homoeopathy used in conjunction with physical medical gives more rapid and lasting results in cases of osteoarthropathy.


  1. Acupuncture and homoeopathy in general practice: an uncontrolled prospective documentation approach-

Since the results showed evidence of a subjective benefit for the patients, this may increase in demands of chronically ill and unsatisfied with the conventional treatment given previously.


  1.  Homoeopathy uses plants, animal, mineral and synthetic substances in its remedies. Arsenic album (arsenic oxide), Natrum Mur (sodium chloride), opium(plant), and thyroidinum (thyroid hormone) are some of the homoeopathic medicines extracted from different sources. These substances after the method of potentisation, can be used as homoeopathic medicines for treatment.

Also some techniques of Ayurveda like Shirodhara, Panchkarma etc. can be effective for cure in homoeopathy.


  1. Homoeopathy along with Yoga and Pranayam helps in giving mental peace to the patients, as homoeopathy more so ever deals with the mental symptoms of the patients.

Homoeopathy- The Mainstream Medicine In Cancer

Research have been carried where Homoeopathy along with other therapies are effective in cancer treatment. Some of them were mentioned in ISHATO(International Seminar on Homoeopathy and Auxillary Therapies in Oncology), 2019 held at Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College to have a brief concept of therapies.

Following are some of them:

1. Immune –rejuvenation therapy of cancer, by Dr. Gaurisankar Sa,   Kolkatta.

Here, a balance is introduced between the immune cells to fight the tumerogenic cells.

2. An ‘ Out of the box’ approach towards eliminating breast cancer from its roots- by Dr. Tanya Das.

It is based on “Cancer Stem Cell Theory”

 3. Mistletoe( Viscum Album) Therapy- Treating Cancer For 100 years- by Dr. Zubin Marolia.

Mistletoe is a plant in Europe. It attacks the cancer cells destroying them (Apoptosis). Thus, stimulates the immune system and improves the quality of life in advanced/ terminally ill cancer cases. (Palliation)

4. Relevance  of Pranic Healing in treating Cancer Patient- by Dr. Leena Kalke.

Based on energy centers called as ‘Chakras’

Used as Complimentary Therapy to heal cancer patients.


5. Vitamin C Therapy- by Dr. Manuela Boyle.

Prevents non-targeted damage to DNA.


Thus, the objective of the therapy has always been to cure gently and thoroughly without the use of harsh drugs. This implies to all sorts of diseases including Cancer which is a chronic constitutional illness.







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