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Stress in itself & in moderation, is not a bad thing. Having to meet demands and face challenges can be stimulating and good for your self-esteem. But when stress goes on relentlessly day after day, or makes you feel powerless to control your life, it can threaten your health. Tick the boxes below to see if you are at risk.

1. In the evenings, how often do you go over the events of the day and worry abou them?
a) Every day.
b) Occasionally.
c) Never.

2. Do u ever lose interest in sex for any length of time because of tense situation at work or at home?
a) Frequently.
b) Occasionally.
c) Never.

3. How often do you wake up during the night with your heart beating fast, and feeling worried? Do u ever lose interest in sex for any length of time because of tense situation at work or at home?
a) More than once a week.
b) Occasionally.
c) Never.

4. How frequently do you resort to alcohol in an effort to take your mind off a problem?
a) Regularly.
b) Only under extreme pressure.
c) Never.

5. How often do you lose your temper?
a) Nearly every day
b) Occasionally
c) Almost never

6. Which of the following phrases best describes the way you feel about your job?
a) I would leave tomorrow if I could.
b) It pays the rent
c) I look forward to getting to work everyday

7. How frequently have you felt that you no linger have any control over your life?
a) Much of the time.
b) Occasionally.
c) Never.

8. How do you react when another driver pulls out infront of you, forcing you to stop?
a) Shout, swear and Gesticulate.
b) Curse under your breath.
c) Stay calm.

9. How do you respond to problems you encounter either in your work or in your personal life?
a) Feel angry or upset but say nothing.
b) Try to forget about them
c) Talk about them.

Award yourself nothing for every (a)answer, 1 point for every (b)answer, and 2 points for every (c) answer. Add up your score.
13 to 18 - You seem to have devised good ways of keeping stress under control
6 to 12 - You are probably managing to relax some of the time but experiencing high levels of stress at other times, especially at work. Try listing the day's priorities in advance to help you to gain control of your workload.
5 or less - Everyday life may be taking a heavy toll on you. Try to workout the major sources of stress and draw up a plan for controlling them. Build time into your weekly schedule for leisure & exercise - they are a necessity, not a luxury. Whatever your stress level, you can benefit from the relaxation.



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